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Five Minute Journal

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For months I had been debating about getting one of those Five Minute Journals (the actual book version) and then I discovered this app which is the journal in an app form which gives you two notifications a day to fill in what you feel. Mine are set at 7 am for the first notification and I think the other is around 9pm so half an hour after I’ve woken up and then right before I’ve starting to wind down on a night. I feel that with this it is a lot easier to keep track of and actually write in because of actually being informed about it.

So when you open it daily, it will show you an inpirational quote for the day which you can share on any of your social media accounts or occasionally I’ll screenshot them so I can save them and look back at them. I really feel that this gets me in a positive mindset for the day and ready to do whatever I’ve got to do that day.

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After seeing the inspirational quote of the day you’re greated with a screen like the one above. This is where you write the things you’re grateful for and what you’re going to do that day to have a good day. I think this is really a postive thing to do to start the day and to be honest, end the day with by speaking about the things that have happened that day. Personally, I think that self reflection is one of the best ways to stay positive and something which I strive for in my life is to be as positive as I possibly can be regardless of what the situtation is. On a whole I really think this app is a wonderful way of reminding yourself of what an amazing life you actually have and reminds you to express gratitude whether it is actually only being seen by yourself. I think being grateful for the things you have in life is such a great way of staying humble in any situtation you are in.

CT x


So for like forever I’ve been that person who has been constantly concerned about what people think, not having enough friends, people not liking me and all of that jazz but recently I’ve come to terms with the fact that being like everyone else isn’t the be all and end all in life.
Sometimes you need to sit back and think about what you truly want and who you truly are and not pretend to be like everyone else just to fit in. It is completely and utterly okay to enjoy things that you enjoy which people may think is weird as heck or just look down at you for, but why hide things you like just so you fit in.
I thought when I started university two years ago that I’d make tons and tons of friends, go out tons and do what everyone says university is like; even though I still live at home. Yes, the first two years of my degree have been great but what university has made me realise is that it’s okay to be yourself and people won’t always like what you do or what you like or even you for that matter. But that is life. And the things that matter are if you’re true to yourself. If you don’t lie to yourself and act like you enjoy things just because other people do, you’ll truly find yourself.

I honestly feel that now I have gotten to the point were people’s opinion of me is no longer a concern of mine and with that said I can truly become me. It has been extremely hard to get to grips with but I have never been happier. Honestly, doing things for yourself and focusing purely on yourself,  you can get to a point were you can just be truly yourself is something that is great to do younger on in life so that way you attract people who you want to be around and will keep beside you forever.

I haven’t got a clue where this ramble has gotten to but it is late at night and I wanted to write what I was thinking.

Coral x


Designer Daydreams



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I’m sure many people do the same as me, spend hours trailing through many different online sites which stock some dreamy designer goods but right now these are the things that I CANNOT stop looking at.

For a very very long time I’ve wanted a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti hightop’s but these are actually the perfect shoe. They do them in a patent black and navy/black leather which both are really dreamy. I feel that this kind of shoe with me would just fit with absolutely anything I would put on.

I’m definitely not a girl who would happily carry a bag in my hand so as you can imagine stumbling across a gorgeous high end backpack like this one from Gucci, I died and went to dream bag heaven. Honestly, how cute is this little thing? When looking at the dimensions it seems like it’d be a perfect size bag too, shame it’s just being added to my dream bag list.Now this is definitely a DREAM. Cartier. Just do I need to explain anything else? I love, love, love Cartier anything. The simple bracelets that they make are just such gorgeous pieces. I know that if I were to buy one of these pieces that it would get so much wear.

And then you get the small affordable bits that you just seem to end up lusting over like Diptyque candles, beautiful red shade lipsticks and sunglasses. My love, actually obsession with sunglasses is real. I really want a new pair which would just be really big on my face not like stupidly big. Basically something that I could throw on when I’m having one of those days were you don’t want to make any ounce of effort with makeup but still want to look somewhat okay – these Céline ones are just perfect for that and for designer glasses they’re reasonably priced at £219.